Azure subnet private endpoint network policies

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Gets or sets enable or Disable apply network policies on private end point in the subnet. Possible values include: 'Enabled', 'Disabled' [Newtonsoft.Json.JsonProperty(PropertyName="properties.privateEndpointNetworkPolicies")] public string PrivateEndpointNetworkPolicies { get; set; }. . 2020. 2. 29. · Azure Private EndpointAzure private endpoint is a network interface that has a private ip address from a VNET. ... This will disable applying network policies on private endpoint in the subnet. 4. We now have the virtual. 2022. 7. 18. · When I enable "Private endpoint network policy" on a subnet on the virtual network in Azure, I can't seem to access the private endpoint from anywhere. I have also created an NSG and assigned it to the subnet, and also an ASG, and assigned it to the private endpoint and created rules for it. Nothing seems to work. Steps to recreate. find a test source.
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