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The hackathon will kick off on the 28th of March at Workinton, the new co-working space in town. To give the hackers time to really develop their ideas, the hackathon will take place over 48 hours. The QST team has prepared three challenges which cover the sports fans interaction both in and outside of the stadiums. The 3 challenges Sports Tourism. 12 Hackathon Ideas for Healthcare. 28 Jan. 2022. A hackathon for healthcare is a great way to harness the power of multidisciplinary collaboration to create great ideas and products that cater to the needs of healthcare workers and patients alike. Start by figuring out what type of project you want to do and your goals for the hackathon. We bring ideas to reality If you’re looking for new app ideas, no worries, here we have got 30 new app ideas for startups and SMEs to consider in 2019 But the future of machine learning doesn’t have to be a doom-and-gloom scenario Innovative CSE Mini Projects Ideas Final year project abstract and project ideas for students Final year project abstract and project ideas for students. 1. Find that product. This is a terrific hackathon idea where you create a mobile application synchronized with your phone’s camera. What happens is that when you see someone wearing a cute outfit or shoes that you like, you just take a picture of it. The picture has to be taken within the application. Then the app not only tells you where to.
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